Wireless RF Audio System

Our goal is to design and create a speaker system for ISU lecture halls that will help to eliminate issues of clarity and audibility. We also want our speaker system to be wireless and scalable.

It is common to find at a number of facilities that the speaker systems produce less than optimal sound clarity. This poor sound output quality makes it so that the audience can’t hear what the person with the microphone is saying, and these issues can be compounded with audience members with lowered hearing abilities. Sometimes, this is due to the poor speaker placement, but we want to tackle the problem on a more technical side and look at the actual hardware being used. The usage of speakers is a very common way to convey messages to large audiences, whether that be indoors or out. Hopefully, the project will help to make these messages clearer and more easily understood.


  • The speaker system offers a clear, audible, consistemt stream of the presenter
  • The speaker system will be wireless
  • The speaker system is stand-alone and has everything needed
  • The speaker system will be able to scale to fit different halls and audience sizes
  • The system will be easy to use